Burning Cubicle Culture | How To Elevate Your Workplace Design

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The Connection We Have With Our Workplace Environment

Our environment inspires. We wake up and immediately soak in the energy that bounces off the very walls we first lay eyes on. Given that we spend the bulk of our day absorbing the energy of our office it’s critical that the culture of our office and company’s business space is impacted only positively by what we see touch, smell and hear.

Excite Your Senses

I’m so fortunate to have experienced a life in design reshaping the personal and business spaces of my VIP clientele. I banish boring and treat the office as if it’s an extension to the home. The place where we want to seek inspiration should promote creativity and tickle the senses. Whether I’m building a home or remodeling an office, I apply the same approach. Every corner, every surface, should be thoughtful, inspired, and representative of the person who will inhabit the space.

Feel Out The Experience

Great design for a client comes as a result of collaboration. An advanced designer possesses a well-honed 6th sense that isn’t taught in art school. A space speaks, the client exudes energy, and it’s my job to process that detail and transition it into creative output. My portfolio is an accumulation of experiences that just got richer in value over the years. The first general contractor I worked under told me I wouldn’t start feeling experienced until I had built ten homes. He said, with a wink, never build your own before the eleventh ! Now my track record precedes me and I’ve built my own and few more for myself and many others!

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